Social Media and Fitness

Personal fitness is a must-have in today's world. People are increasingly concerned with their health and with the outlook of their bodies, and keeping fit is a simple way of achieving your body goals. Perhaps you have been scouring through social media admiring the fit bodies of influencers and fitness trainers and wish you would achieve the same. Well, you can use the same social media to get the right content to help you work out.

If you have been wanting to start working out but are afraid to go to the gym, or you think it's too expensive, then using social media content for your fitness journey is for you. Here's how to start your social media fitness journey;

Understand Your Body Goals

The first, and perhaps most important, step is to know what you want. Different people have different body goals and this requires different fitness regimens. Begin by understanding what you want to achieve. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to gain some weight? Do you want to shape your body in a specific way? Do you want to bulk up? If you know what you want to achieve, then you can begin your fitness journey.

Do not just model your goals after a social media influencer. Understand your body and your life, and if these coincide with the fitness regimen promoted by a fitness coach on social media, then you can follow their workout.

Find a Fitness Coach on Social Media

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Once you understand what you want, you can proceed to look for a fitness coach on social media. Today, there are thousands of fitness social media influencers, but not all of them are fitness coaches. You need to be careful picking a personal trainer on social media since you want someone who is qualified.

Consider the mode of communication available for the fitness coach you choose. Your personal trainer must have multiple platforms for communication. Obviously, their social media page should be public and you can message them on there and talk to them. Also, consider their mode of delivering the fitness program. Since it's social media, you will most likely get content in form of workout videos. Look for a social media fitness coach who shares quick workout videos that are well illustrated and highlight their benefits to the body.


Start Your Fitness Journey


Now it's time to start your fitness journey. Get yourself some workout apparel and just start. Talk to your fitness trainer and decide what time you will be working out. Alternatively, you can follow their social media and use the quick workout videos they post to exercise. Social media posts are useful workout tools since they are short and often show workouts that are easy to replicate.

If your chosen fitness coach has a personal training program, make a point to enroll in the program. This will give you a more personalized training routine where they can monitor your workouts as well as your diet. This way, you can reach your body goals faster.




Social media can be a useful tool in your fitness journey. Interacting with fitness coaches on social media will provide you with access to quick workout videos that you can copy. Moreover, you can enroll for a personal training program with a fitness coach on social media. If they are a qualified professional, they will help you realize your body goals through proper diet and workouts.